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State of the Science Conference 

Hyatt Regency Bethesda, MD 

April 23, 2012

The State-of-the-Science Conference under the Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Disability Statistics and Demographics (StatsRRTC)  is hosted to bring together scientists, administrators and staff from disability programs, and leaders from disability policy and advocacy communities to discuss the state of disability statistics and how to move the field forward.

The conference was held April 23, 2012 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Bethesda, MD. 

The conference was divided into three concurrent sessions, each hosting presentations in a certain area of research. To view the presentations, please download them below. 


Session 1A. Linked Administrative Data: Benefits, Results, Access

Organizer: Dave Stapleton: Mathematic Policy Research (MPR)
Moderator: David Stapleton (MPR)
Discussant: Hugh Berry

Do VR Services Slow DI Entry? 
Presenters: Frank Martin (MPR); David Stapleton (MPR) 

Longitudinal Patterns of Medicaid and Medicare Coverage among SSI and SSDI Beneficiaries 
Presenters: Kalman Rupp (SSA); Gerald Riley (CMS) 

*The Post-Award Work Experiences of New SSI Beneficiaries: A Longitudinal Perspective 
Presenters: Yoni Ben-Shalom (MPR); David Stapleton (MPR)

Session 1B. Survey Methods and PWD as Respondents

Organizer: Debra Wright (MPR)
Moderator: Julie Weeks (NCHS)
Discussant: Purvi Sevak

Identifying and Overcoming Barriers to Survey Participation for Persons with Disabilities
Presenter: Jason Markesich (MPR), Julita Milliner-Waddell (MPR), Anne Ciemnecki (MPR), Karen CyBulski (MPR)

Telephone vs Face-to-Face Interviewing of Persons with Disabilities
Presenter: Debra Wright (MPR), Matt Sloan (MPR), Kirsten Barrett (MPR)

*Characteristics of Survey Interviews among Sample Persons With and Without Disabilities
Presenter: Gerry Hendershot, Consultant on Disability and Health Statistics 

Session 1C. VR Program Evaluation Network

Organizer: Dave Vandergoot: Center for Essential Management (CEMS)
Moderator: David Vandergoot (CEMS)

VR Program Evaluation Network
Presenter: Michael Shoemaker, Utah VR
Presenter: Darlene Groomes, Oakland University in Michigan
Presenter: Scott Sabella, Northern Colorado University and the Region 8 TACE
Presenter: Jeff Haight, Iowa VR

Session 2A.  Identifying Population of PWD in National Surveys

Organizer: Andrew Houtenville: U of New Hampshire (UNH)
Moderator: Hakan Aykan (ASPE)

Disability Data in National Surveys
Presenter: Denise Hoffman (MPR) 

Performance of the 6 Questions
Presenters: Rich Burkhauser (Cornell), Andrew Houtenville (UNH), and Jennifer Tennant (Ithaca)

ACS Measures of disability and Measures that Focus on Work Limitation: A Closer Examination
Presenters: Barbara Altman (Consultant on Disability Statistics); Julie Weeks (NCHS)

Session 2B. Use of Survey and Admin Data by VR and IL Agencies

Organizer: John O’Neill (Hunter College)
Moderator: John O’Neill 

Working with State and Local VR and IL Agencies
Presenters: Tony Ruiz (UNH); Andrew Houtenville (UNH); Eric  Lauer (UNH)

The Effects of Vocational Rehabilitation for People with Cognitive Impairments
Presenter: David Dean, (U. Richmond) 

The Effect of VR Waiting Time on SGA outcomes for SSDI Beneficiaries over 48 Months
Presenter: David Stapleton (MPR) 

Session 2C. Transition Age Youth: The Contribution of Survey and Administrative Data

Organizer: Elizabeth Cardoso (Hunter College)
Moderator: Fong Chan (UW-Madison)

Employment and earnings Growth Among Transition-age SSI Participants
Presenters: Hugh Berry (NIDR) and Leslie Kaplan  (NIDR)

*Predictors of Post-School Employment Outcomes for Young Adults with Severe Disabilities
Presenter: Audrey Trainor  (UW-Madison)

Identifying Transition-Age Youth with Disabilities Using Existing Surveys
Presenters:  David Wittenburg (MPR); Todd Honeycutt (MPR)

Session 3A. Reporting of Disability Statistics by Federal Agencies

Organizer & Moderator: Andrew Houtenville (UNH)

Annual Disability Statistics Compendium
Presenters: Tony Ruiz (UNH); Andrew Houtenville (UNH)

Federal Disability Expenditures
Presenters: Gina Livermore (MPR); David Stapleton (MPR)

Federal Cross Agency Program Participation Statistics for People with Disabilities
Presenters: Deb Brucker (UNH), Andrew Houtenville (UNH)

Reporting of Disability Stats by Federal Agencies
Presenters: Richard Horne (DOL); Terrence  McMenamin (DOL)

Session 3B. Residential Statistics on People with Disabilities

Organizer: Denise Hoffman (MPR)
Moderator:  Teresa Souza (HUD)

Housing Characteristics of People with Disabilities 
Presenters: Gina Livermore (MPR); Denise Hoffman (MPR)

Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Including Group Quarters Residents with Household Residents Can Change What We Know About Working Age People with Disabilities
Presenters: Todd Honeycutt (MPR); David Stapleton (MPR)

Disability Among the Group Quarters Population: Evidence from the 2008-2010 American Community Survey
Presenter: Matt Brault, Census Bureau

Session 3C. Three Data-Driven Approaches to Improving VR Services

Organizer: Dave Vandergoot (CEMS)
Moderator: John Keegan (Hunter College)

The New York State Milestone Rate Setting Project
Presenter: Tom Giuffre (ACCESS-VR, NY)

The Consumer Satisfaction Project
Presenter: Bob Stensrud (Drake University)

VR Risk Adjusted Outcome Study
Presenter: Dave Vandergoot (CEMS)

*These presentations are not yet available but will be in the near future. Please check back soon.

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EPM-RRTC State of the Science and Annual Disability Statistics Compendium Event

Comependium Logo and text that states "EPM-RRTC State of the Science Conference & 2018 Annual Disability Statistics Compendium Event, February 12-13, 2019, Washington, DC" 

The State-of-the-Science Conference under the Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Employment Policy and Measurement (EPM-RRTC) will be held February 12, 2019 at the National Academy of Sciences Building in Washington DC. This page will be updated with more information as it becomes available.

This year we have created a two-day event and combined the State of the Science conference with the release of the 2018 Annual Disability Statistics Compendium on February 13, 2019, also at the National Academies of Sciences Building. The Compendium is a web-based tool that pools disability statistics published by various federal agencies together in one place. When working on legislative and other matters relating to persons with disabilities, the Compendium will make finding and using disability statistics easier. It will prove invaluable to your work.


Register Today! (opens new window)


State of the Science | Employment Policy & Measurement RRTC Agenda

Date: February 12, 2019 | 9 am - 4 pm
Location: National Academy of Sciences Auditorium | 2101 Constitution Avenue, NW | Washington, DC

8:30 AM: Registration (beverages provided)

9:00 AM: Welcome and Introduction: Debra Brucker, UNH

9:05 AM: Opening Remarks: Phillip Beatty, ACL/NIDILRR

9:15 AM: Panel 1: Health Insurance and Employment

Moderator: Andrew Houtenville, UNH

  • Jody Schimmel-Hyde, Mathematica Policy Research (MPR), Trends in health insurance for workers with disabilities
  • Jae Kennedy, WSU, Health insurance, disability program enrollment and employment - A summary of current/recent work by the Collaborative on Health Reform and Independent Living (CHRIL)
  • Purvi Sevak, MPR, The impact of ACA Medicaid expansions on the employment of persons with disabilities
  • Questions & Answers (starting at 10:00 AM)

10:15 AM: Break and Networking

10:30 AM: Panel 2: Employment Trends, Quality, and Type

Moderator:  David Wittenburg, MPR

  • Andrew Houtenville, UNH, Long term employment trends
  • Nathan Moon & Frances Harris, Georgia Tech, Contingent employment of individuals with disabilities
  • Megan Henly, UNH, Job quality among workers with disabilities
  • Questions & Answers (starting at 11:15 AM)

11:30 AM: National Trends in Disability Employment (nTIDE)

  • Andrew Houtenville, UNH; John O’Neill & Elaine Katz, Kessler Foundation
  • Denise Rozell—Brief Announcement Describing the Working Lunch

12:00 PM: Working Lunch (Provided): nTIDE Discussion

Moderator: Denise Rozell, AUCD

1:15 PM: Panel 3: Opportunities to Increase Employment Among Persons with Disabilities

Moderator: Jody Schimmel-Hyde, MPR

  • E. Sally Rogers, Boston University, Employment interventions and services for individuals with psychiatric disabilities: Past, present, and future
  • Yonatan Ben-Shalom, MPR, Opportunities for early intervention to avoid prolonged work disability
  • David Stapleton, Tree House Economics, Employment/Eligibility Services System
  • Questions & Answers (starting at 2:00 PM)

2:15 PM: Break

2:30 PM: Panel 4: Lessons from the Private Sector and the Veterans’ Administration on Increasing Employment

Moderator: Denise Rozell, AUCD

  • Tim Tansey, University of Wisconsin,Case study on the inclusion of people with disabilities in a manufacturing setting
  • Reagan Baughman, UNH, Employment Incentives in SSDI: Lessons from the VA Disability Program
  • John O’Neill & Elaine Katz, Kessler Foundation, Kessler Foundation National Employment Disability Survey—Supervisor Perspectives
  • Questions & Answers (starting at 3:15 PM)

3:30 PM: Closing Comments—David Wittenburg, MPR

4:00 PM: Adjourn


Release of the Annual Disability Statistics Compendium Agenda

Date: February 13, 2019 | 9 am - 4:30 pm
Location: National Academy of Sciences Auditorium | 2101 Constitution Avenue, NW | Washington, DC

8:30 AM: Registration (beverages provided)

9:00 AM: Welcome and Introduction: Andrew Houtenville, UNH

9:05 AM: Opening Remarks: Phillip Beatty, ACL/NIDILRR

9:20 AM: Panel 1: Compendium, Annual Report, and State-Specific Reports

Moderator:  Kimberly Phillips, UNH

  • Eric Lauer, UNH, Annual Disability Statistics Compendium
  • Andrew Houtenville, UNH, Annual Statistical Report on People with Disabilities in America
  • Sarah Boege, UNH, State-Specific Reports
  • Questions & Answers (starting at 10:10 AM)

10:35 AM: Break and Networking

10:55 AM: Panel 2: Latest on Federal Data Collection

Moderator: Debra Brucker, UNH

  • Julie Weeks, National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), Disability Statistics at the National Center for Health Statistics: An Update on 2019 Activities
  • Danielle Taylor, Census Bureau, Disability Statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau
  • Catherine “Katie” Okoro, CDC, Data Activity Updates from NCBDDD’s Disability and Health Branch
  • Savi Swick, ODEP, Preliminary Results of the Survey of Employer Policies on the Employment of People with Disabilities
  • Questions & Answers (starting at 12:00 PM)
  • John O’Neill, Kessler Foundation—Brief Announcement Describing the Working Lunch

12:30 PM: Working Lunch (Provided): Seeking Input about Improving the Compendium

Moderator: John O’Neill, Kessler Foundation

1:30 PM: Panel 3: Status and Trends in Indicators of Community Inclusion for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Moderator:  Kathy Cargill-Willis, ACL/AIDD

  • Amie Lulinski, Coleman Institute for Cognitive Disabilities, Anschutz Medical Campus, University of Colorado, Status and Trends in Financing Supports and Services for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
  • John Butterworth, UMass Boston, Access to Integrated Employment: Outcomes, Services, and Opportunities
  • Sheryl Larson, University of MN, Residential and In-home services for people with IDD: Residential Information Systems Project
  • Questions & Answers (starting at 2:25 PM)

2:45 PM: Break

3:05 PM: Panel 4: Improving Data Collection regarding People with IDD

Moderator: Gloria Krahn, Oregon State University

  • Jennifer Johnson, ACL, AIDD Efforts to Improve IDD Data collection
  • Julie Weeks, NCHS, Developing and Testing Survey Questions for the I/DD Population
  • Elsa Haile, CMS/OMH, Characteristics of Medicare Beneficiaries with Intellectual and Developmental Disability
  • Helen Lamont, ASPE, Exploring the Feasibility of Studying Disability Using an Internet Panel
  • Kimberly Phillips, UNH, Health Surveillance with All Payer Claims Data
  • Questions & Answers (starting at 4:00 PM)

4:20 PM: Closing Comments—David Wittenburg, MPR

4:30 PM: Adjourn

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