Research on Disability

2008-2013 Disability Statistics
and Demographics

Rehabilitation and Research Training Center


Research & Knowledge Translation Projects

The StatsRRTC is conducting nine research and twelve outreach (training, dissemination, and technical assistance) projects. 

Our research projects are producing improved statistics from existing data, ensuring that the strengths and limitations of those data and statistics are well understood, and producing findings to support the improvement of disability data collection.

Our outreach activities both promote the effective use of disability statistics and transfer research knowledge to the field. These activities leverage the extensive knowledge we have developed from previous work, as well as the knowledge that continue to gain from research projects supported by this grant.

Stats-RRTC Projects

  • Population Survey Data

  • Federal Program Data

  • VR Data (Federal and State)

  • Data on Youth and Young Adults

  • Time Use Data

  • Customized Technical Assistance

  • Follow-Up TA for Training Events

  • Meta-Analysis of Proxy Methods and Proxy Experiment

  • CATI vs. CAPI Experiment & Analysis

  • Annual Disability Status Report and

  • Guide to Surveying People with Disabilities

  • Publications and Presentations

  • Outreach to Consumers

  • Information and Referral

  • Roll-Out & Consumer Training

  • VR Data Process & Collection

  • Webinar Series

  • Scientific Conference & Report