Research on Disability

2013-2018 Disability Statistics
and Demographics

Rehabilitation and Research Training Center


Research & Knowledge Translation Projects

The StatsRRTC is conducting 12 research projects which will optimize methodologies for conducting surveys of individuals with disabilities and timely analyses related to progress on key outcomes and critical programs. They are rooted in and advance the literatures of disability statistics and policy.

The StatsRRTC’s mission is to narrow and actively bridge the divide between the producers and end users of disability statistics to improve decision/policy making. Providing knowledge translation opportunities to a broad array of end users through dissemination, training, and technical assistance is essential to the success of that mission.The Center’s knowledge-translation projects will use innovative web-based approaches to increase utilization of disability statistics by national, state, and local agencies and organizations.

2013 StatsRRTC Projects

  • R1–Evaluating the 6 Question Sequence

  • R2–Comprehensive Taxonomy of Employment Supports and Services

  • R3–Longitudinal Data Needs

  • R6–Federal Expenditures

  • R7–New Details

  • R8–The Disability Belt and Local Variation

  • R9–Tracking SSDI Participation

  • R10–VR Services and Employment

  • R11–Preparing for Transition

  • R12–Child SSI Enrollment

  • R13–Internet Survey Panel