Research on Disability

Employment Policy
and Measurement

Rehabilitation and Research Training Center


2015 EPM-RRTC Research Projects

  • R1–ACA and SSDI Medicare Waiting Period

  • R2–ACA and VR Applicants

  • R3–WIOA Program Interactions

  • R4–Employment Services and Other Program Outcomes

  • R5–SSDI and Medicare Policy Simulations

  • R6–Evidence Based Policy Inferences

  • R7–Adopted SSDI Reform Analysis

  • R8–Occupational Risk and Onset

  • R9–Striving to Work

  • R10–Measures of Onset and Employment

  • R11-1 Short-term disability insurance and early intervention in Rhode Island

  • R11-2 Employer attitudes to retention services provided by state vocational rehabilitation agencies: An exploratory study

EPM-RRTC Dissemination Projects

  • D1–Monthly nTIDE Report and Infographic

  • D2–Policy Supplement to the Annual Disability Statistics Compendium

  • D3–CBO Budget Scoring Policy Briefs

  • D4–Special Journal Volume

  • D5–Journal Articles about Research Findings

  • D6–Center Web Site and Social Media

EPM-RRTC Knowledge Translation Projects

  • T1–nTIDE Lunch & Learn Webcast

  • T2–State of the Science Conference

  • T3–Scientific Conference Presentations

  • T4–Junior Researcher Training

EPM-RRTC Technical Assistance Projects

  • TA1–TA to Policy and Program Stakeholders

  • TA2–Information and Referral TA

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