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Research & Outreach Projects

The research activities of the Hunter IC-RRTC is generating new knowledge (i.e., evidence to support interventions) by synthesizing available knowledge, analyzing data from existing sources, and creating and analyzing new data—the National Survey on Disability and Employment (NSDE).

Our outreach activities (training, dissemination and technical assistance) promote the effective transfer of research knowledge to the field. These activities address the utilization of findings and training/dissemination by leveraging the extensive knowledge we have developed from previous work, as well as the knowledge that we are gaining from our current research projects.

IC-RRTC Projects

  • Vocational Rehabilitation Literature and Social Science Literature

  • Effect of Health Conditions

  • Effect of Personal Characteristics

  • Effect of the Local/State Environment

  • Cross-National Comparisons

  • Variation among SSA Beneficiaries

  • Vocational Rehabilitation Services

  • NSDE Instrument Design and Preliminary Planning and Implementing the NSDE

  • Data Coding, Cleaning and Documenting the NSDE

  • NSDE Analysis: Initial Descriptives

  • NSDE Analyses: Barriers/Facilitators

  • Policy Forums

  • CSAVR/RSA/NCRE Training

  • State-of-the-Science Conference

  • Digital Chalk Online Trainings

  • Source Guide for Disability Employment Research

  • Supplement to the Compendium

  • Manuscripts for Publication

  • Plain Language Summaries


  • Book: Employment and Disability in America

  • Information and Referral, Statistical/Data Consultation, and Technical Consultation

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