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SILC-NET Presents… A New National Teleconference & Webinar Series: Disability Statistics for Statewide Independent Living Councils

by User Not Found | Aug 08, 2012

SILC-NET Presents… A New National Teleconference & Webinar Series

Disability Statistics:

Part I: The Availability of Statistics on People with Disabilities

Part II: Using Statistics about People with Disabilities to the Inform the SPIL

August 21 & 23, 2012; 3:00 – 4:30 p.m. Eastern Time

View the Webinars here 

One of the hallmarks of the Independent Living Movement is the way our community values advocacy and action over research. We know what life with a disability is all about. But when we explain our community and programs to legislators, governors, consumers and other stakeholders, it’s often an absolute necessity to include data on people with disabilities. This is certainly true in the development of the SPIL (State Plan for Independent Living).

The SILC-NET has organized this brand new training to help SILC members and staff know exactly where to go and what to look for to collect meaningful data on people with disabilities in your state in order to inform your development of an accurate and powerful SPIL. We hope you’ll join us for this two-part, info-packed teleconference and webinar on locating and using statistics on people with disabilities to create your SPIL.

Target Audience: Executive Directors, Council members, and staff of Statewide Independent Living Councils