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New Publications Discuss Alternatives to Disability Benefit Receipt

by User Not Found | Sep 29, 2014

Two Papers Released via the IZA Journal of Labor Policy:

The relationship between timely delivery of vocational rehabilitation services and subsequent federal disability benefit application and receipt

Federal/state vocational rehabilitation (VR) agencies offer services to individuals with disabilities that may help them remain in the labor force and avoid entering Social Security Administration (SSA) disability programs. We assess how the availability of VR services within an agency at the time an individual applies to receive VR services is related to subsequent application and receipt of SSA disability benefits. We find that individuals have a higher likelihood of subsequently applying for and receiving disability benefits when they apply in months that the VR agency serves a lower percentage of applicants or has a longer average wait for services.

Finding alternatives to disability benefit receipt

This introduction offers a context for the articles in this thematic series by providing
an overview of the programs that provide cash and in-kind supports to people with
disabilities in the United States, summarizes the increasing reliance on these programs,
and describes the challenges associated with reducing dependency on these programs.
It then briefly discusses the articles in this thematic series in light of these issues

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