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Working Toward Success: Special Journal Edition Reveals New Evidence on Employment Outcomes for People with Disabilities

by User Not Found | Jun 24, 2015

Research from the NIDILRR-funded Rehabilitation Research and Training Center for Employment Policy and Measurement is the focus of an upcoming special issue of the Journal of Disability Policy Studies, now available online ahead of print.

Policymakers consistently express an interest in reversing the declining employment rates and high poverty rates of people with disabilities. Yet relatively little is known about the factors associated with successful employment outcomes among people with disabilities.

A special issue of the Journal of Disability Policy Studies (JDPS), co-edited by Yonatan Ben-Shalom and David Wittenburg, sheds new light on the employment and economic well-being of people with disabilities and describes the implications of existing and proposed policies designed to improve employment outcomes for this population.

Each of the six articles in the special issue suggests that the employment experiences of people with disabilities vary substantially by individual characteristics, indicating that factors beyond the disabilities themselves might heavily contribute to current employment trends. This information can aid policymakers in designing programs and policies that are targeted to helping workers with disabilities stay in the labor force, increase their earnings, lead more fulfilling lives, and reduce their reliance on government support.

The six articles, along with an introduction, are available:

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