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New Publications from Employment Policy & Measurement RRTC

by User Not Found | Nov 30, 2015

Two publications have been submitted for review and are described below. Stay tuned at for updates!

Measuring Health Insurance Benefits: The Case of People with Disabilities 

(NBER Working Paper) Richard V. Burkhauser, Jeff Larrimore, Sean Lyons

Since 2012 the Congressional Budget Office has included an estimate of the market value of government-provided health insurance coverage in its measures of household income. We follow this practice for both public and private health insurance to capture the impact of greater access to government-provided health insurance for working-age people with disabilities, whose value rose in 2010 dollars from $11.7B in 1980 to $114.3B in 2012. We then consider the more general implications of incorporating estimates of the market price of insurance, equivalent to that provided by the government, into policy analyses in a post-Affordable Care Act world.

Accounting for the Growing Importance of Access to Health Insurance in the Household Income of Working-Age People with and without Disabilities 

(Forthcoming) Sean Lyons, Richard V. Burkhauser, Jeff Larrimore

Using decomposition analysis together with March CPS data, we consider the relative
importance of factors accounting for changes in after-tax income including the market value of
private- and government-provided health insurance over the last three business cycle measured
trough to trough (1983-1993-2004-2011). The median household size-adjusted income of both
persons with and without disabilities are affected by market forces. But especially during the
1980s and 1990s business cycles, the growth in coverage and in the value of governmentprovided
health insurance (Medicare and Medicaid) substantially increased the resources of
working-age people with disabilities both absolutely and relative to working-age people without

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