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SAVE THE DATE! Annual Disability Statistics Compendium Release and State of the Science Conference

by User Not Found | Oct 25, 2016

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WHEN: February 13 & 14, 2017

WHERE: the National Academy of Sciences Building

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The State-of-the-Science Conference under the Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Disability Statistics and Demographics (StatsRRTC) will be held February 13, 2017 at the National Academy of Sciences Building in Washington DC. This conference will be to bring together scientists, administrators and staff from disability programs, and leaders from disability policy and advocacy communities to discuss the state of disability statistics and how to move the field forward.

This year we have created a two-day event and combined the State of the Science conference with the release of the 2016 Annual Disability Statistics Compendium on February 14, 2017, also at the National Academies of Sciences Building. The Compendium is a web-based tool that pools disability statistics published by various federal agencies together in one place.  When working on legislative and other matters relating to persons with disabilities, the Compendium will make finding and using disability statistics easier. It will prove invaluable to your work.

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