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Subscribe highlights several Rehabilitation Research and Training Centers (RRTCs) at the Institute on Disability (IOD) which serve as national resources for capacity building, developing and exploring new disability research, and translating this knowledge via training and technical assistance. Particular areas of concentration are employment, statistics and demographics, education, health and program participation. Learn more about these projects by clicking through to the projects' sites.

Disability Statistics and Demographics

StatsRRTC aims to improve the collection, dissemination and utilization of disability statistics. Visit Center Website The Annual Disability Statistics Compendium provides national and state level statistics on people with disabilities and the government programs that serve the population with disabilities. Visit the Compendium Website

Employment Policy and Measurement

The EPM-RRTC is investigating the impact of federal and state policies and programs on employment among persons with disabilities and facilitating the translation of research findings to guide policy making and program administration.

Visit 2015-2020 Center Website
Visit 2010-2015 Center Website

National Disability Employment Survey

The Kessler Foundation National Employment Survey on the status of Americans with disabilities will identify unique strategies and experiences of workers with disabilities as they look for and strive to maintain their employment.  Visit Center Website

Previous Disability Statistics and Demographics RRTC

The 2013-2018 StatsRRTC continued to improve the collection, dissemination and utilization of disability statistics. Visit the 2013-2018 Center Website

The 2008-2013 StatsRRTC aimed to improve the collection, dissemination and utilization of disability statistics. Visit the 2008-2013 Center Website

Individual-level Characteristics

The IC-RRTC generates new knowledge about the role that individual characteristics play in influencing employment outcomes for persons with disabilities. Visit Center Website

2012-2015 Reducing Health Disparities among People with Intellectual Disabilities

This project examined and identified the key risk and protective factors associated with disparities between people with and without intellectual disabilities with respect to health outcomes and unmet health care needs. Visit Project Archive